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Download Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Offline Installer Full Patch

- The idea of Express editions is to provide streamlined, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn IDEs for hobbyists and students, rather than professional software developers. Microsoft Visual Studio is an application that has the function to create or develop applications, be it applications for business, web applications, games, and others.

There are several compilers already available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 such as Visual Studio, Visual C ++, Visual C #, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Visual InterDev, Visual J ++, Visual J #, Visual FoxPro, and Visual SourceSafe.

Downlaod Visual Basic 2010 Express

Download Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Full Version.

Visual Basic 2005 and 2008 Express feature a Visual Basic 6.0 converter that makes it possible to upgrade Visual Basic 6.0 projects to Visual Basic.NET. The converter is not included with 2010 Express.

Features Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition :

Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express

Serial Number Visual Basic 2010 Express : 

Visual Basic : 2KQT8-HV27P-GTTV9-2WBVV-M7X96
visual C#      : PQT8W-68YB2-MPY6C-9JV9X-42WJV
Visual C++  : 6VPJ7-H3CXH-HBTPT-X4T74-3YVY7
Visual WD   : CY8XP-83P66-WCF9D-G3P42-K2VG3

How to Info

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 xpress application is indeed shared free by microsoft, but to use it we must register first, for that please use the registration key above.

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